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Prayer is one of the ways you can support us. We need your prayers to be able to proclaim the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ. Together we stand in prayers; we can be a blessing to a countless number of people.

We want to advance the kingdom of God by reaching out to more people.

Please note: For those supporting any of our outreaches, conferences, trips, projects etc. financially from Germany, please include your address in the reference line, so that we can send you a donation receipt for the tax office.

You can send your financial contributions to:

Bibel Oase e.V.
Volksbank Vogtland:
Kontonummer: 5021 1140 08
BLZ: 87095824
BLZ: 87095824
IBAN: DE28 8709 5824 5021 1140 08

reference: Bibel-Oase, [project], from [your name and address]

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